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Hight Touch Garment Machinery with a vision to cater to the modern machinery requirements for Garment Finishing Equipments at national and international level. Presently, it is an independent 100% in-house manufacturing company, which has achieved pioneer status in terms of technology, and manufacturing capabilities. Hight Touch itself is a commitment to provide the most professional and responsive services available. Hight Touch Garment Finisshing Equipments services are inludes Garments Finishing Equipments Manufacturers, Industrial Washing Machine Supplies, Dry Cleaning Machine Suppliers, Laundry Equipments Suppliers, Dry Cleaning Equipments .The company is equipped with R&D testing facilities and technical library. Hight Touch is a quality-recognized company and is active in manufacturing and marketing of high quality garment finishing machines.


Hight Touch Garment Finisshing Equipments undertakes to remain as a symbol of best quality and state of art technology. Satisfaction is guaranteed to our esteemed customers through best quality control and timely deliveries, providing secure uniform quality products by observing standard work practices and through constant training and education of our workforce.


Infrastructure is our backbone. Hi-tech machinery, efficient and skilled workforce make a great combination to sustain our growth rate. Better environment and work culture add to it.

Business Policy

Hight Touch Garment Finishing Equipments understands the need to upgrade and modernize itself to cater to the ever-increasing global market. The bench marking of product quality and customer focus calls for uniform codified business policies. Customers are our concern and come first. We continuously strive to understand and meet their needs.

R & D

Hight Touch Garment Finisshing Equipments undertakes to translate technological developments in design and process innovations to answer the customer expectations. The company's commitment to upgrade design and quality is reflected in its consistent high volume of investment in R&D facility and cost effective handling of all manufacturing processes.


We have trained engineers, who are well positioned to assist our customers on all aspects of machinery maintenance and repair, from basic mechanical to the latest electronic equipment from standard to complex automatics.

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Contact-Person : Mr. Rajan
Unit No. 302, Third Floor, Anandraj Industrial Premises, Sonapur Lane, Bhandup (W), Mumbai - 400078.

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