Efficient and economic, the integrated steam-drier and powerful hot-air blower allow for a good cost/benefit result and a quick payback. Loading position has 4 different settings. Carriage of the hem-tensioning device can be moved towards the operator . Hencem there will be no wrinkles behind the knees. Active and freely adjustable stretch-control is standard.
Features :
Longitudinal waistband tensioner, trouser tensioner [longitudinal/lateral]. inside/outside pneumatic direct injection system, adjustable tensioning force, four different height adjustments, depth adjustment, and basic stretch control.

  • A new hands-free clamping system finishes jeans and casual wear, and saves up to 4 seconds finishing time per trouser, thus reducing costs.
  • Stretch controlled re-stretching can be used.
  • Changeover to manual operation is possible anytime.
  • Hem-clamping elements have an adjustable light barrier and can be turned 90 deg.
  • A replacement by standard tensioning elements is easily possible without any tools.
Model Capacity Steam Consumption
Air Consumption
@6 bar
Power Voltage Steam
(pieces/hr) (kg/hr) (m3/hr) (kw) (V) (5-7.5 bars) (mm) (kgs)
HV8731 60 15 0.2 0.92 200-240 1/2" 950 X 615 X 1900 133
HV8741 60 15 0.2 0.92 200-240 1/2" 642 X 1013 1946 100

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